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BioPro 150 Biodiesel Processor

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The BioPro 150 offers the same quality, ease of use, and safety that the BioPro 190 and the BioPro 380 are known for, but in a smaller, more economical package, producing 40 gallons of biodiesel every 48 hours. The BioPro 150 is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and all components are high quality, industrial grade.

The BioPro 150 operation is the same as the BioPro 190 with the following exceptions:

~After each automated spray wash or turbulent wash cycle, the waste water is drained off manually.
~One tank is employed to accommodate the methanol/ methoxide used for the esterification /transesterification reactions. At the beginning of the process, the user must stay with the machine for about 8 minutes while the methanol is pumped out of this tank into the main reaction vessel, after which catalyst and a second dose of methanol are added to the tank, and the user walks away.

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Please allow three weeks for Processor to ship
Financing available
Weight-430 lbs crated

Processing Capacity
40 gallon batch every 48 hours
120 gallons weekly
480 gallons monthly
5,760 gallons yearly

40 gallons of vegetable oil (feedstock)
8 gallons methanol
1215 grams (3.3 lbs) NaOH or 1890 grams (5.2 lbs) KOH
150 ml (0.8cups) sulfuric acid
32 gallons standing fresh water or pressurized source (spigot)

Power Requirements
110 volt
1 year Warranty

Reaction Method
Acid catalyzed esterification/base catalyzed Transesterification

Wash Method
Three stage water wash….
Spray wash
Turbulent wash
Turbulent wash, followed by evaporative drying cycle

PLC controlled automated mode, with switch actuated manual overrides

SKU: BP150